Sunday, September 18, 2005

My daughter says I have too much yarn...I will knit it all some day. My daughter says my stash is very unorganized.....I will organize it someday. I'm going to build a craft room for all my stuff.....I'll get to that someday. My daughter says I have too many knitting projects on the go. So much yarn.....soo many patterns.......sooo little time.
This is a project I actually finished ( and it really didn't take long...4 weeks). I'm not sure why the colour in the closeup is so different from the entire scarf. I should read the manual that came with my camera....maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Ene's Scarf was a quick knit. Quick that is, after casting on the 300 some stitches to start. I knit it with Peruvian Baby Silk from Elann. Soooo soft. It was the yarn itself that inspired me to finish the scarf. Maybe that's the secret? Maybe, I need to keep buying yarn and patterns until I find the exact yarn to knit up the exact pattern and then I will have another finished project! Ok....I'll start looking at that....maybe tomorrow.


Bobbie said...

You do have too much yarn! And it is very unorganized! But who am I to talk? Look at my fiber stash!!!

Oh yes, and Ene's Scarf is beautiful! Nice blog Mum!

Helen said...

Yes ....perhaps your fiber stash should be a topic of blogversation the next time I post! Like mother, like daughter. The apple doesn't fall from the tree...yadda, yadda.
Thanks Hunny.

Compmouse said...

I suppose it doesn't help that your daughter is crazy go nuts for spinning yarn as well.

Great blog by the way.

~ Val (former classmate of Robin's currently in Australia! :D)