Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is coming

I have knit more this past year than I have in the past 5! Reason......I quit smoking (for good this time) and seem to have become obsessed with knitting. I don't want to clean, I don't want to go to work....I could just sit and knit and knit..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Old Knitter Learns New Trick...

Wow...the magic loop (that daunting method that I have been reading about but afraid to try) is sooo easy and it works so well! I am very pleased with myself this morning. Knitting "Bella's Mitts" with Peruvian Highland Wool on my very favourite, Knitpicks needles. What fun!

Also on my double points, I have these mitts which are turning out very nicely:

This pattern is from Nancy Bush's "Folk Knitting in Estonia" Beautiful patterns in there.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Alot of lace knitting going on.....

Since my last post (um...Dec06) there has been much knitting, much tinking, and many ufo's delegated to the "bottomoftheknittingbasket". You can tell, now, how apt the name of this blog really is. I have accomplished next to nothing over this prime knitting winter and have posted even less about it. should see what my daughter has done. She is an accomplished lace knitter! Just have a look :) Modelling today is 'Lovey Louise" whom I purchased from the evil E-bay (the -store -I= absolutely- love- that - became- a- horrible-addiction- that- I -readily- admit- to- and- is- proven-to- be- an- actual- addiction-that-I-have-definately-overcome-because-I-haven't-

This is Icarus, from Interweave Knits (my favourite knitting magazine) You can tell from the picture, it is a nice large shawl. Bobbie knit this start to finish in only 3 weeks! What an accomplishment.
And the beautiful, rich, deep red Swallowtail shawl, also from Interweave. Doesn't Louise look lovely? Then we have 2 fantastic stoles that have been worn over and over this winter! Beautifully done , hunny! You should be so proud. I am. :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm still here......

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since March! Where did the summer go......I know I spent most of it in my garden. As soon as the sun gave off a hint of warmth this spring, I couldn't stay inside. I put my needles away, my unfinished projects got thrown into UFO pile(
it's almost as big as my pile of ironing) and the last 6 months were spent outside in the garden for the most part. Pictures to follow. My project this summer was my pergola, which, next summer will give us a lovely sitting area with surrounding gardens and maybe even
a fish pond!

Here it is finished! Last month I added a small garden at the front in memory of my Mom. It's been a year and I still think of her every day.

I have yet to set the patio stones...don't think I'll have time before it gets cold.......'cause now, I'm tired. Time to settle onto the couch, pick up my needles and knit, knit, knit. (I'm really, really, really considering getting a spinning wheel too) So many things to do.
Each season, something new.
Seeds to sow, weeds to pull.
Wood to cut, stone to set.
Knit, spin and dye the yarn.
And of course, I really must make a quilt this year! (hmmmm....I started off rhyming, but, oh well, poetry was never my strength.)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Less talk, more action.....

If I spent half as much time knittin' & updating, as I do reading other knittin' blogs and lookin' at patterns and yarns........I might possibly have way more finished objects and way, way more pictures of said FO's. So have a look!

This is "London Beanie" for Aaron's 23rd b-day....which is a couple weeks past. It's done...(well, I need to sew in the ends!) Too bad it's too small. I will have to gift it too someone else. Must remember to remind myself.

My foreose shawl, which is coming along very slowly (currently have to tink back a couple of rows to find a couple of missing stitches) obviously, I have missed a yo (or 2)?

Must be alone with this one, no distractions, except for Miss Kitty of course. Wouldn't be knittin' without her help. Some one else told me I should be using a life line. That person is right of course. But did I listen? Guess not!

And then there's socks! I've never knitted socks before. Mum used to do them all the time, and when the heel or toe wore out she would simply darn them. We got a lot of life out of them. She did them in pairs, but as you can see.......I've been doing one of each pattern. . I will try to finish one more of each pattern so I can have 2 useable pairs. lol

We have been dying sock yarn as well, which is really alot of fun, but at the same time a little frustrating getting the colours right. Until its dried and skeined, you really don't know what you're gonna get, but I know practise will make perfect. And our first few skeins are gorgeous. Just dyeing to be knit.

Great fun! I have to add a pic of Lou's shawl that she's been working on. She, very unshelfishly, is helping me to use of up stash of "shadow" from Knitpicks (so I can buy more..).

I think she's on her second hank. It looks small here but I will post when it is finished and blocked. Gorgeous hunny!

What's really funny? When I mentioned to Lou I was gonna post, she said " Really Mum, you're so funny, you've got so many things you're working on and I'm just doing this shawl."

Well hunny. Did you forget about these:

I won't mention any other UFO that might be in the corner beside the couch.

Yup.....Like Mum, like daughter. But we do have a great time! ;)

I didn't quite finish Crumpets in time. I did knit furiously on the last day of the Olympics and really, only have a few rows left to do. She will be done. Fortunately, I think I will find the time......some day soon!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let the games begin....

I did it! I cast on for Crumpets as scheduled. Twice, actually. Firstly, plain cast on. Then I thought, well, it's supposed to be challenging so do the picot cast on. Took a little longer but I am pleased with the results. I am using Endless Summer Sonata from One of my favourite haunts! Most of my stash comes from there. Also, the pattern uses two different (easy) cable stitches, so a further challenge for me is to do them without a cable needle. A very slow process for me on the first try as the kittys were close, making me very nervous. They were ready to pounce on my yarn! Luckily, the chicken flavoured treats thrown about the kitchen kept them at bay!
So here she is:

I Will Not Procrastinate. I will Perservere. I will finish this project in the alloted 16 days. (one down, 15 to go)

(Quality of the photo has no is not representative of the quality of the knitting) I hope!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


It's decided! I will join the 2500+ knitters of the YarnHarlots Olympics. The challenge for me will not be the actual pattern, but actually finishing "Crumpets" in the alloted time. (Well, no, it will be actually finishing something that I started)
So pretty! I will look nice hanging on the wall in the stash room, until a little someone comes along and can wear it. I'll wait!

When the power's out, there's always knitting...

Well, it seems winter has arrived at last. Unfortunate 'cause I was really enjoying the mild weather and easy drives to work. No hydro last night, so I knit for awhile by candlelight. So brave, if I do say so myself, as my work is a lace Faroese Shawl. On inspection this morning, I seem to have done allright with it (even after the 3 glasses of wine, thanks hunny it was delicious). So all's good, the power is back on, I can make coffee. Now I just have to get Miss Kitty off the pattern!

She's been very playful this morning and wanting my undivided attention. Too wet and cold to play outside! Must find the catnip mouse to divert her attention away from the shawl! And then I can get on with it. :)