Sunday, March 25, 2007

Alot of lace knitting going on.....

Since my last post (um...Dec06) there has been much knitting, much tinking, and many ufo's delegated to the "bottomoftheknittingbasket". You can tell, now, how apt the name of this blog really is. I have accomplished next to nothing over this prime knitting winter and have posted even less about it. should see what my daughter has done. She is an accomplished lace knitter! Just have a look :) Modelling today is 'Lovey Louise" whom I purchased from the evil E-bay (the -store -I= absolutely- love- that - became- a- horrible-addiction- that- I -readily- admit- to- and- is- proven-to- be- an- actual- addiction-that-I-have-definately-overcome-because-I-haven't-

This is Icarus, from Interweave Knits (my favourite knitting magazine) You can tell from the picture, it is a nice large shawl. Bobbie knit this start to finish in only 3 weeks! What an accomplishment.
And the beautiful, rich, deep red Swallowtail shawl, also from Interweave. Doesn't Louise look lovely? Then we have 2 fantastic stoles that have been worn over and over this winter! Beautifully done , hunny! You should be so proud. I am. :)


Bobbie said...

Fat quarters! I'd forgotten all about your eBay spending spree. What do you think is bigger, your yarn stash or your fabric stash?

Apparently this should be MY knitting blog. ;)

You HAVE knit though! Noro mittens! Noro hat! Green mittens! Baby felted mitts (I think those were trashed). PLUS the fair isle sweater you finally finished for me. :)

Helen said...

Oh're right. I have actually accomplished something. And it's so good to know the mitts and hat came in handy. Mmmmmm....Noro. I really don't want to talk about the felted mitts(now, that process is being referred to as "pulling a Mom" lol

Compmouse said...

Wow! I really like your stuff, chic and modernish looking but still with that comfy cozy style to it. Well done!