Sunday, February 05, 2006

When the power's out, there's always knitting...

Well, it seems winter has arrived at last. Unfortunate 'cause I was really enjoying the mild weather and easy drives to work. No hydro last night, so I knit for awhile by candlelight. So brave, if I do say so myself, as my work is a lace Faroese Shawl. On inspection this morning, I seem to have done allright with it (even after the 3 glasses of wine, thanks hunny it was delicious). So all's good, the power is back on, I can make coffee. Now I just have to get Miss Kitty off the pattern!

She's been very playful this morning and wanting my undivided attention. Too wet and cold to play outside! Must find the catnip mouse to divert her attention away from the shawl! And then I can get on with it. :)

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

Knitting a lace shawl by candlelight.. well, I should've been here spinning on my wheel. It would've been like the 1800's or something! The shawl is looking beautiful, Mum.

At least Kitty is just on the pattern not the shawl itself! (I'm having memories of her chasing me throughout the house, after your Ene Shawl!)