Friday, February 03, 2006

So much accomplished.....

It's been so long since I shared any of our work from the past few months. Time has gotten away from me. Imagine, it's February already. Only 10 more months till December and Christmas wll be upon us again! Good thing I've started my shopping!

You absolutely must see the mohair my daughter has spun and wound. Mohair was not the easiest fibre to work with, very slippery and I do recall hearing a few oaths coming from the direction of the wheel as it was being spun. But now it's done!

It's absolutely scrumptious. Soft, squeezable and knits up beautifully. Mac, Sheila and wee Angus there in the background would agree!. What to do with 178 yds of beautiful mohair yarn. Any suggestions?

Another project that is "not quite done" is this lovely pair of gloves that were supposed to be done for Christmas for someone special. This special person is obviously very patient...will they be done for her Birthday in March? Or.....will they be under the tree next Christmas? One never knows. If the knitter in question is anything like me.....I can see it may be awhile (at the bottom of the pile with poor "Betty"). i believe procrastination is genetic.

They really are very beautiful and I do admire the knitter for taking on such a challenge! Good work hunny! Perhaps there will be time between now and December to knit another whole pair?

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Bobbie said...

Oh, I think there will be time to knit another pair by Christmas. Or at least, 85% of a pair. Because after the 85% I will get bored and of course, move onto a different project!

I am almost done my sweater! Which means I should be starting a lace shawl any day now.