Monday, October 31, 2005

a UFO in my closet!

An autumn day, what to do? Of course, it's so obvious. I should move our bedroom into the guest bedroom as it's so much cosier. And, of course, I've been planning to do it for a while, so today is the day. So pack up one room and move it into the other. Easier said than done. I've got the beds moved around with bedding on the one that matters, so at least I we have a spot to sleep. As for all of the other stuff....well that's going to take a while. The thing is, the closet in the guest room holds a lot of treasure. I found a whole box of mother's day cards and pictures done by my kids when they were in grade school. Oh my goodness, the time has flown by.

The wupachas took a few minutes to look over again, it's been years since I've read of their adventures. One of the treasures I uncovered was an unfinished Lopi sweater that I started a few years ago, put away to be finished at a later date, and then completely forgot about. It's the whole "oh yeah, I forgot I had that" syndrome each time I open a closet door and delve in the depths. But the lost is found and of course, it must be finished! So I shall untangle the yarn and start to finish it.....maybe tomorrow.

Because of course, now that Bobbie has finished her gorgeous lacey scarf....I feel I must have one myself. It is sooo soft and of course, I'm certain I have something in my stash that is worthy of the knit.

And then there's this beautiful handspun that I rescued from Bobbies bin of "it's not worthy to sell". I think it's going to knit up into a very warm hat for me, me, me. Thanks hunny, I really love the colours. I'll do it proud. Maybe I'll start on it......tomorrow. Yes, it will have to be tomorrow because of course, Betty is still waiting in the wings and she was supposed to be first!
Where is the knitting fairy when I need her. So much yarn, so many patterns, so little time.


Bobbie said...

Wupacha! Between the Wupachas and the never-ending story of my entire grade 3 class getting shrunk at the Science Center (with a side adventure at Uncle Larry & Aunt Joan's involving a miniature hot air balloon), I always figured I'd be a writer. Do you think I'm too old to continue the stories of Wupacha?

You need scarves. Lacy, alpaca scarves. I could knit lacy scarves forever and be happy. It was a fun knit!

Compmouse said...

You two make knitting sound like such a blast! But as Robin already knows... if I were to take up the hobby Hello Kitty would probably have a considerably larger wardrobe!