Thursday, October 20, 2005

So, ya think ya have self-control?

My daughter had a lovely surprise when she got home today! Her Kidsilk Haze and Rowan Felted Tweed arrived all the way from the UK. And what beautiful colours. River and Salina are going to be knit up with the yarns. She was second guessing the colour of the Tweed after ordering, as there was also a gorgeous red for sale on E-bay.
After jealously watching her drool over her purchases (I admit, I did some fondling myself), I suggested she go ahead and order the red!
Her response......?" I have some self-control, Mum"
!!!!!!! Who's kid is this? Hunny, how can you possibly not get the red after feeling the texture of "dragon". It's scrumpious. Could it be, you wouldn't know what to turn it into? How about:

This in red

Or either of these? Notice Elfin, knit in felted Tweed with the SilkHaze trim? Would be so stylish in red with grey trim. Classic.

And you know, hunny, red is your colour.

Not that I'm trying to force you to buy the red. I know you have self-control.

I on the other not!

I love the red!

I must have the red.

Damn this yarn diet. I slipped up with it last week by ordering my own supply of Felted Tweed in "corn", so I must control myself. I will learn self-control. Maybe I'll work on that, starting tomorrow.


Bobbie said...

Starting tomorrow.. does that mean you are going to by the red tonight???

You're hilarious Mum :P

Compmouse said...

Hahaha! I'm going to have to agree with Robin on this one... you're hilarious! It sounds like you two have a fantastic time with your hobby.

Stella said...

i'm jealous i tell ya ..jealous.. hehe

sounds like you two have a lot of fun.. i hope one day i can have fun too. :)