Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This is not about knitting....

It is about the lack of it. And the lack of posting. Since I have done neither the past few days.....thought I would show off some gratuitious pet pictures.

Miss Kitty: Queen of the household and by the look she's giving me here, certainly not enjoying the papparazzi interupting her nap(taken on the front porch, where she lives all summer). She was adopted into the family.......I'm not sure how long ago. Feels like she's always been here.
Teddy: Our 11 year old Jack Russell who still acts like a puppy when he's out for his daily walk. Guards the house by day, and warms my feet by night. He is too cool!
Leo: Rescued when she was just a little wisp of a kitten, by my son, Jeff, while he was living and working in Brantford. She was adopted by our family when Jeff found working shifts was not giving him enough time to care for her. She is spastic! So, of course, compliments the rest of the us.

And this little girl is Chewy: My granddogger who is one year old. She's true to her name(everyone keeps their shoes up high) and guards Jeff's house and ours as we work our shifts. Can't really tell from the picture but she's weighing in at about 100lbs now. A lean, drooling hugging machine. She's so cute....when she's not chewing my new sandals, or Bobbie's new shoes or the new hardcover Tom Clancy book that Jamie just bought....Doh!

And we are all missing Arnie. Our dear little black schnauzer, who wasn't with us for a very long time, but left his footprints on our hearts , for all time. :)

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Bobbie said...

she's so cute... when she's not pounding on the door at 6 oclock in the morning!